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Saturday, 16 July 2011

A Touch Of Leather

Leather is a hard fabric to wear. You have to wear it carefully, if you don't you might end up looking like a goth (not the fashion kind) or a woman who is very sexually active ( I hope everyone has caught on to what I'm saying there). A leather jacket is a very useful item to have in your wardrobe, if you don't have one, get one. It's a great way to add a gothic vibe to your outfit, without over doing it, and it can also add a some more sexiness to an outfit and give you a 'I don't care look' even though you probably took about a week to think about and plan your outfit, but that would can be our little secret.

 This is my attempt at a touch of leather, I'm wearing a leather jacket that I bought in Australia, and the detailed gold and silver dress is Miss Selfridge.
 Miss Selfridge- £36 (just bought them, so comfortable)
 Asos- perfect way to add colour and leather
 Asos- be careful how you wear this skirt, can make you look frumpy
 Asos- easily adds the gothic vibe to your outfit, without being to out there
 Asos- although the main part of the trousers is suede, there is a leather belt attached to them, easy way to add leather and also makes the most of your waist
Asos- only for the adventurous, also gives an indie vibe, don't you think?

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