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Saturday, 16 July 2011

My Trademark

Well hello reader/stalker/fashion maniac/normal person,

Welcome to my blog, I'm new to this whole blogging thing so bare with me while I figure out the logistics of being a good blogger.

If you didn't read my description at the top you will not know what this blog is about, well it's basically me sharing my love of fashion with you. I'll also be helping readers know whats best for their shape, what is on trend and what mistakes can be made when trying to follow a trend. I'll also be doing a 'what I'm wearing today' post, just because it's a popular thing to do and I kind of like sharing my outfits if I think I've done an alright job, which happens sometimes but not all the times, I'm still young trying to find my own style but I'm taking a good bash at it.

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Thanks for reading, see you later, hopefully.

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