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Monday, 18 July 2011

Summer Night In An Exotic Place, Anyone?

Britain's weather is not exactly predictable and most of the time it is either raining or it's cloudy, so the outfit I've planned is not for Britain unless it's a beautiful evening, which might be spent at your local's beer garden or at a friend's barbeque. Picture this outfit on a yacht in the middle of the Mediteranian ocean or under a gazebo in italy's beautiful countryside, whatever your holiday location is, you'll find a place to wear this outfit.

Cool and sophisticated, perfect for any summer evening or lunch, dress up with heels dress down with flats or flip flops.

The make-up is colourful but not to much so that it blanks out your face. Green eyes and a nude lip, whats the rule ladies? Dark eyes = Light lips, Light eyes = Dark Lips.

This is my simple drawing of what the make-up should look like, sorry it's not an actual person's face, I've never worn this make-up before, but I am on Saturday, so who else will be too now?

Tip: not got your legs in the best shape for summer, get a instant tan or a bronzer and highlight the edges of your muscles, makes your legs look thinner and gives a sun-kissed look.

Hope you wear this sometime, if you need to know where the items come from comment, tweet me or email me.

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Bye xoxo

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